Workshop Summaries

Hire, Inspire, & Fire: Getting the Best People in Your Organization

There are few things more important for your organization than finding, hiring and retaining the best people while weeding out those who are a drag on your company’s growth and development. This workshop gives practical guidelines on how to do this.


Understanding & Developing the Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Finding your sweet-spot at the intersection of Power, Heart and Mindfulness. 

Dr. Alibrando takes principles form his award-winning book on emotional intelligence to help managers and executives identify both their relational strengths, over-done strengths (commonly known as weaknesses), and their stretch strengths (those strengths if practiced would bring them to a new level of effectiveness).


Manage Yourself First: The Secret to Managing Others

Ask any executive what are the biggest challenges that they face and s/he is likely to mention issues with “difficult” people. This workshop helps managers of people understand both their relational style and their reactivity style and how to move from being reactive to being proactive and effective in their communication, especially with “difficult people.”


Honoring Differences Workshop: Using Personality Tests to Build Strong Internal Teams

Tailored to the particular needs of a company, Dr. Sam will put together a package of assessment tools (such as the DiSC, the SDI, or the ITI) and design a lively engaging workshop that will raise awareness and build cohesive teams.


Executive Leadership Team Enhancement: A Workshop

There are few things more important to an organization, its culture, its direction and its success that a well-functioning Leadership Team. This workshop uses cutting-edge assessments to indicate the areas of strength and development in the ELT and then facilitates a process to improve the overall effectiveness of the team.


The Organizational Check-up

A team of organizational consultants from the varying disciplines (OD, finance, marketing, etc) will come into our organization and at a very reasonable fee will report back to you, your  strengths, your weakness, the opportunities available to you and issues & conditions that threaten your organizations well-being.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Keynote)

The author — now speaker — can adapt the principles from his book to any number of important topics including (but not limited to): Organizational change in difficult times (after a tornado picks up your organization), 3-D leadership (Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion), Face your Witches (or weaknesses) and they melt, How and when to use the Resources (Munchkins, Good Witches, Toto and yes even Flying Monkeys) available to you as a leader.