The 3 Dimensions of Emotions

The 3 Dimensions of EmotionsThe 3 Dimensions of Emotions, by Dr. Sam Alibrando, is a new way to understand the role of emotional intelligence and how to apply it in all contexts: whether corporate or personal.

A compelling model for human relationships,  The 3 Dimensions of Emotions introduces the concept of Working the Triangle, a practice that offers a practical road map to help you respond with responsibility rather than reacting to interpersonal challenges. It works just as successfully for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company as it does for a line-manager.

Understanding the 3 dimensions will help you manage difficult people, take responsibility for your own behaviors and improve your emotional intelligence as a senior executive, team leader, manager, or individual contributor.

The goal, says Alibrando, is to release our best and most positive energies—not far in the future but every time we find the balance of personal Power, Heart, and Mindfulness in our interactions with others.