“How to Turn Adversity into Positive Change and Growth”

“In his book, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Dr. Alibrando uses the characters, scenes and settings from the Wizard of Oz to educate the reader how to “turn adversity into positive change and growth.”  Since almost everyone has seen and/or read the Wizard of Oz, the reader can easily understand and relate to the message that Dr. Alibrando is trying to convey.  Moreover, by connecting his message to the Wizard of Oz, the reader is more likely to retain the information because people remember stories.  In addition to conveying such useful information in such a creative manner, while reading the book, I realized that his chart ‘on how to select a therapist’ was equally applicable to selecting an attorney.  It just so happens that I will be giving a presentation on finding the right fit lawyer two months from now and I plan on incorporating that information into my lecture.”

– Mark B. Baer, Esq., Family Law Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner, Author, Lecturer, and Keynote Speaker