Featured Services

Executive Coaching/Accelerate Executive Effectiveness. Could you imagine a tennis pro or basketball player without a coach?  Then why should a business executive, business owner, or partner go without an objective, trusted advisor to help him or her achieve higher levels of effectiveness and performance?

Executive Coaching Group. This program is for business owners and executives who prefer the coaching experience complemented by an exchange of ideas with other, non-competing industry leaders, facilitated by a trusted advisor who specializes in groups and team process.

Talent Selection and On-boarding. One of the most important things any company can do to transform their organization and achieve higher levels of impact, is by hiring the right people. This program helps stakeholders identify the characteristics of the ideal candidate and corresponding success factors–all aligned with the company’s strategic plan; and then build assessments and interview processes all aimed at identifying the  best-fit candidate for the position. But that it not the end. The trusted advisor stays with the new hire over the next few months to facilitate a seamless integration.

Senior Leadership Team Development. Organizations are increasingly being run by a Team-at-the-Top. Yet teams are vulnerable to many pitfalls (e.g., “group think,” internal conflict, unclear goals and communication). In this program, through a intensive process of discovery, recommendations are made and action plans facilitated — all aimed at transforming the executive team to its next level of impact.

Personality Assessment: Individual and Group Feedback. The use of psychological and personality assessments — such as 360-degree feedback, DiSC, Big 5 Personality, or assessment centers — can be a useful tool in identifying strengths to leverage and developmental behaviors to improve. The assessment feedback can be given to individuals in order to identify an action plan for their development; or feedback can be facilitated within teams and large groups — good for team development and enhanced communication.

Targeted Workshops and Off-Site Retreat Facilitation.  Based upon comprehensive assessments, customized workshops and retreat themes are developed and facilitated to address real needs in real time. The process is completed with targeted follow-up to ensure genuine and lasting change. Metrics are assessed at each step to establish ROI.

Additional Services Offered with Consulting Partners

The Organizational Check-up. A team of experts will seamlessly and confidentially “look under the hood” of your organization to give you a list of strengths to leverage and practical suggestions for tranformational growth. This entry-level engagement is priced low to ensure low-risk for the organization.

Other Services offered in conjunction with Consulting Partners for mid- to large-sized organizations and divisions:

  • Executive/Leadership Succession
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer-Centric Engagement
  • Cultural Alignment: Aligning culture to your business strategy to optimize performance results
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management
  • Positioning and Brand Development, including strategic positioning audits, brand asset management, and internal branding
  • Merger and Acquisition Support, including market due diligence, operational assessments, and culture integration