Endorsements of Workshops and Talks

“Our Audience Absolutely Loved … Your Wonderful Presentation. ”

“Our audience absolutely loved the opportunity to meet with you in person and listen to your interesting and wonderful presentation this evening. I am very certain that your wisdom and techniques for leadership development have helped to enlighten them. I always enormously enjoy seeing you and listening to you talk. You are amazing!”

— Thi Hagenbuechle, President/CEO, TH Consulting and Recruiting LLC

“Functioning Among Our Staff Has Increased”

“I have been amazed at how the level of functioning among our staff has increased as what I believe to be a direct result of your seminar. Not only has the general morale of our staff increased but also so have their skills as well as their confidence. Thank you.”

— Diane Rutledge, Director, Union Station Foundation

“Inspired His Audience”

“One of my absolute highlights at the recent APA Division 13 Mid-Winter Conference was the session on The Interpersonal Triangle presented by Dr. Sam Alibrando. The content was clear, stimulating and imminently applicable especially for psychologists who are coaching business leaders. A gifted presenter, Alibrando taught, engaged, and inspired his audience. His work will influence my practice, and I believe it has the potential to enrich the consulting practice of others who recognize the power of this theoretical framework for helping executives be more effective leaders.”

— Karol M. Wasylyshyn, Psy.D., President, Leadership Development, Philaldelphia

“Masterfully Synthesized … with Humor and Insight”

“I am honored Dr. Alibrando agreed to facilitate our one day retreat. Using the SWOT analysis, Dr. Alibrando masterfully synthesized the group’s identified weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities with humor and insight. We left with a clearer understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the action we needed to take. … I recommend Dr. Alibrando to facilitate your retreat.”

— Kathleen M. O’Connor, Esq., Founding Member Pasadena Collaborative Divorce

“Integrity & the Emotionally Intelligent Leader”

“Excellent information; I truly enjoyed the many analogies you used during today’s ‘Integrity & the Synergistic Leader’ luncheon meeting. I was able to see myself and my leadership style very clearly; and your presentation helped me increase my awareness towards the self-actualization of myself, thank you. Particularly pleasing was your comment on how ‘we are all three’ and your demonstration (the use of your hand) of the pyramid truly brought forth the visual perspective of the integration and application of all segments. Thank you.”

— Norma De Lerma, City of Pasadena