Our Approach

Below are some of the ideas that we value and the principles that we believe in:

  • We value the whole person — body, mind, and spirit.
  • Physical and psychological well-being are interlocked.
  • Personal responsibility is a major ingredient in finding one’s own happiness.
  • Therapy is about being curious, not critical.
  • Change occurs when we dig deep — without shame or guilt — and become emotionally honest with ourselves in the presence of a safe Other.
  • An important outcome of therapy is healthy relationships, starting with our “relationship” with ourselves.
  • To become more mindful is to become more genuinely who we are.
  • The best way to “manage” others is to manage ourselves first.
  • Emotional (physical and spiritual) health takes place through positive relationships –rather than in isolation or intellectually.
  • To become whole we have to integrate what we call –in the book –the Interpersonal Triangle: Personal Power with Regard for Others while being Mindfully Self-managed.