Janette Davis, MFT

Janette Davis, MFTJanette brings a unique blend of insight, intuition, and caring to everything she does. And she takes these innate and procured talents to the counseling (consultation) room, whether she is helping …

  • a young girl get along better with her peers at school.
  • a couple work through some difficult issues.
  • a mother get through the challenges of parenting.
  • a businesswoman dig deep to push through disabling depression or anxiety.

Janette has a way of making a client feel understood and accepted, but at the same time she will not hold back from telling the truth while maintaining an objective professional disposition. Many things have contributed to her current capacity to help others: a graduate education from a well-regarded school, supervision from respected trainers, her own intensive therapy, her fierce curiosity about spiritual matters, her deep commitment to holistic health, and the invaluable moments spent with her children.