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Please feel free to contact us to discuss how our services can help you or your organization or to schedule a workshop or talk.

APC Therapy
301 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 527
Pasadena, CA 91101


Sam Alibrando, Ph.D.

Janette Davis, MFT

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  1. I was referred to Janette Davis by Karen Baumstark. I would like to know if she has experience with erectile dysfunction in men or other sex related issues and whether she has used or believes in hypnotherapy.

  2. I’m a teenager who seeks for psychotherapy.
    what’m I supposed to do in order to schedule a therapy, and what might the cost be?

  3. Hi,
    I’ve written and published a book “Remember to Forget” about my journey through healing from sexual abuse in my childhood.
    I really want my book to get in the hands of people who are struggling through something similar to me. I believe my book offers encouragement and hope to keep going and to believe that it is possible to heal.
    I know you as a therapist will meet my kinda people :-) so I wanted you know about my book
    More info on:
    Available here: Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
    Thank you

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